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Sunday, 4 October 2009

It takes three to tango

“A controversial children’s story about gay penguins has come top in a list of books Americans have asked public libraries to withdraw,” the rabidly gay-hating bunch of tossers known as the Christian Institute tell us.

Their story goes on:

The American Library Association run an annual Banned Books Week which highlights books which library users have requested to be banned.

The book at the top of the list, entitled And Tango Makes Three, is about two male penguins in New York’s Central Park Zoo who raise a baby penguin.

Some of the reasons given for requests to ban it include “anti-ethnic, anti-family, homosexuality, religious viewpoint, and unsuited to age group”.

In the UK last year, children’s books about homosexual relationships were removed from primary schools after Muslim parents protested.

Well, Muslims would. They need to have something to complain about, and sexuality is a prime target, because they’re as rabidly homophobic as Catholics and the Christian bloody Institute.

And what right have religionists to demand that books deemed OK and important to young minds be removed? Is education not about educating? If young minds are being taught the facts of life concerning hetties, should they not be taught the equally factual facts of life concerning homos?

But this is an argument readers of this blog would, I’m sure, largely agree with.

The Christian Institute quotes a governor at one of the schools, Farooq Saddique, who said, “The agenda was to reduce homophobic bullying and all the parents said they were not against that side of it, but families were saying to us ‘our child is coming home and talking about same-sex relationships, when we haven’t even talked about heterosexual relationships with them yet’.”

You haven’t, maybe, but if the school are talking about homosexual relationships you can bet your bottom they’ll have dealt with, or will be dealing with, heterosexual ones, too.

And, Mr bloody Saddique, you seem to be saying bullying is wrong, but keeping the facts of life away from our children is more important than preventing bullying, and if the gay ones get bullied that’s just collateral damage.

And, anyway, are the kids being taught how to do it? I don’t think so, somehow. They’re probably being told that same-sex relationships exist, just like the heterosexual ones they see around them every day and in all aspects of their quotidian existence: at home, at school, in the shops and supermarkets and so on and so forth.

So how can you say they don’t know about heterosexual relationships yet, when they see them happening all about them?

This is just homophobia.

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Stuart Hartill said...

Just an idle thought, but what do you think these fundies would make of the kids film 'Ice Age'?
Three animals (all male) looking after an abandoned baby!!!!
Or there again, 'Three Men and Baby' - not a big target for Focus on the Family as I recall, even though at least one of the stars (Ted Danson) came out in 'real life'.