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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Why Damian is a dribbling loony

So Damian Thompson thinks Richard Dawkins is a prat. Well, he doesn’t say that, but he does call him a loony, and here is what he does say, and, since it’s such a short piece in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, I’ll reprint it all:

Richard Dawkins’s latest attack on the Catholic Church is worthy of a dribbling loony on the top of a bus. He calls the Church “the greatest force for evil in the world”, “an institution where buggering altar boys pervades the culture” and describes it “dragging its skirts in the dirt and touting for business like a common pimp”. (Pimps in skirts – that’s a new one.) And all in The Washington Post.

The peg for this piece? The Pope’s offer to make special arrangements for Anglicans converting to Rome, a matter I would have thought was none of Prof. Dawkins’s business. But I’m not going to bother to argue with any of his points, because these are the ravings of a man who appears to have lost all sense of proportion. Seriously: is there something wrong with him?

Your point being, Damian? To paraphrase, if the crap fits, wear it.

The Catholic Church is just that, and has obviously succeeded in getting hold of your mind.

But then we have to look at your credentials to see just why you’re saying these things.

You’re blogs editor on the Daily Telegraph, but are also editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald. You write for a Right-wing, Establishment newspaper, which has its good points, but it’s still Right-wing and Establishment. And you are a Catholic. You actually subscribe to that utter tosh.

Need I say more, except that you're a dribbling loony, Damian, an apologist for an evil organisation that is responsible for more deaths – through its opposition to birth control and condom use as a barrier against disease, not to mention suicides – than Richard Dawkins could achieve if he were equipped with an Uzi and unlimited ammo and let loose in a shopping mall?

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Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to learn that no one dies during an abortion. And that the writer is an advocate for self-control.
The whole ballgame (knowledge and understanding) is about to go through a major expansion: understanding a brand new (and traditional) view of our worlds. For doubters, it is a scientific approach, taking a theory and checking phenomena to see if that theory makes them more understandable.
166 years ago Abbott' s 'Flatland' showed that contiguous geometrical worlds explain where God is and why we can't see him. So we wrote 'Techie Worlds' for mechanical people and did the scientific thing: we looked at Christian teachings like the Trinity, like resurrection, judgment, the idea of a soul. In contiguous geometrical worlds these things are logical and understandable, even though to 'this-world-only' atheists they are ridiculous imaginings.
We see a lot of belief in devils, in miracles, in good and evil spirits. Just talk with your friendly Wiccas and Satanists. Their recognition of spirit worlds makes it more probable that our view (the view of love) of the world is correct. Besides, there is Pascal's wager, pointing out that Christian belief can reward while atheism surely leads to death. The labels: Thinking, Logical, Reasonable, Rational really belong to Christians more than to those proudly acclaimed agnostics. Get a copy of 'Techie Worlds' from and see the reasonableness of Abbott's explanation.