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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bumbling Boris backs the bigots

Good old Boris Johnson is in hot water again. This time it’s for attending a service at a church that does so-called gay exorcisms.

The floppy-haired posh-git Mayor of London – gosh! – was there last night at Jesus House Church in Barnet. This church is led by Pastor Agu Irukwu and is part of some nonsense called the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Peter Tatchell, the gay human-rights campaigner, says Johnson has made a big mistake.

No, Peter. He’s a politician. We suppose he knows what he’s doing. Politicians usually blow with the wind. If they were honest all the time they wouldn’t get votes from important sections of their constituencies.

Johnson wouldn’t want to upset the black Christian vote, now would he?

His press office have said that barmy Boris was attending the bigots’ mumbo-jumbo “to kick off a host of festive celebrations across the capital” and that he will later attend services in Southwark Cathedral and Trafalgar Square.

Er, does that excuse it?

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DM said...

First of all: Nostradamus demolishes "atheism"

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Sing from the rooftops:

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