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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Kill Bill!

Many would like to see the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill killed off. But will it happen? And why are so many Christians silent on the issue – with the Archbishops of Canterbury (belatedly) and York (very belatedly) speaking out only after worldwide clamour?

In the latest Gay & Lesbian Humanist, the Christian writer and activist Symon Hill looks at the issues in an article written before the two archbishops finally realised they couldn’t not say anything and hope to hold onto their credibility.

“When Ugandan politician David Bahati proposed his Anti-Homosexuality Bill recently, he may have given little thought to the effect it would have on his allies in Britain,” Hill writes. “But, in seeking to respond to the Bill, antigay Christians in the UK have shown themselves to be confused, divided and plainly out of touch with Christian, as well as public, opinion.

Those British Christians who regard all homosexual activity as unethical have long insisted that they are not prejudiced. They say they are criticising a behaviour, not a group of people, and that they do not want gay people to be persecuted.”

However, he says, the sincerity of that stance “is now being put to the test”.

Read the full article by clicking here. There’s also the usual fascinating mix of news and views.

Things will be a bit quieter on the blog till 4 January, but we’ll post the occasional link to an article in G&LH.

Hope you’ve been enjoying Christmas. And here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

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