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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Why Catholic “teaching” is vindictive, evil and plain rotten

Prepare for more teenage bullying, unhappiness, misery, suicides.

A school in Newport, Gwent, Wales, is telling kids just how wrong it is and how against God’s laws it is to be gay.

The evil is to be found in revision notes at St Joseph’s Catholic School, the Pink Paper tells us.

Under the title What is the Catholic Church’s attitude to homosexuality? the notes say genital acts between people of the same gender are wrong; homosexual acts are “morally wrong”; and sex is seen in the Bible as a way of a man and a woman to become “one flesh” to be fruitful and multiply.

To be fruitful and multiply recklessly on a planet that’s already groaning under burgeoning populations that all demand dwindling resources? But that’s another argument.

The story says pupils are being taught that sex that doesn’t potentially produce offspring is just selfish.

A sensible-sounding chap called Cain Otley saw red when he became aware of this. He calls it “filth”.

He heads a local gay business group, and says, “The notes claim that AIDS is seen by some people as the ‘gay plague’ and viewed by Protestant groups as God’s punishment on gay people whose lifestyle, they argue, is immoral and against God’s law.

“I was completely shocked and disgusted at what I saw. The information contained in the booklet could incite homophobic bullying and homophobia in general. I can’t imagine what any LGBT pupil thinks having to go through being taught this filth.”

The school says the notes just give the facts. The facts? The facts that gay sex is against the “laws” of a nonexistent entity? Those facts?

A spokesman for St Joseph’s Catholic School in Newport, which distributed the notes to the pupils, said the information was designed to help the youngsters learn what is required by the examination specifications produced by the Welsh Joint Education Committee.

“In a Roman Catholic school the church’s teaching on sexuality has to be presented clearly and in lessons this is done in a sensitive way,” she said.

“The information is purely factual as these are the points that students need to know for the examination.

“In lessons they will have discussed these points and put forward opposing views and these will also be included in their examination answers where they are required to give all sides of the argument.”

With reference to the section about AIDS, it states that whilst AIDS is sometimes described as the “gay plague” it is increasingly common among heterosexuals. It also states quite clearly that the Catholic Church teaches that no illness is God’s punishment.

What Otley said was that the notes say some Protestant groups say it’s God’s punishment. That’s almost as bad as saying it is. It plants the seed in the minds of kids who have already had this pernicious mumbo-jumbo forced into their heads and are receptive to what Otley calls filth.

And the kids will have put forward opposing view? Well, I’d hope they would, but I suspect most will not wish to rock the boat. And in the end it’s going to be the teacher’s will that prevails, isn’t it?

Just why do these bastards have to say these things in the first place? It’s just sheer vindictive, bigoted, hateful rottenness. “Filth” is too mild a word.

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Stuart Hartill said...

Welsh Catholicism seems an intellectually stunted thing,even by the usual Catholic standards.
Wasn't it their press spokesman, only a few months ago, who, asked on a BBC religious programme to comment on the Irish child abuse scandal, suggested that the root of the problem was the 'fact' that most paedophiles were gay, so as His Glorious Leader now had a Cunning Plan to get rid of gays from the priesthood there was no longer a problem?
It absolutely beggars belief that anyone takes these imbeciles seriously any more, and that any parent voluntarily lets their child go through one of these lunatic asylums posing as educational establishments...!!!!