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Friday, 18 December 2009

Oral and anal

Another religious type whose absence will be of far more benefit to human dignity and equality than his presence has died.

The televangelist Oral Roberts (whose first name doesn’t reflect his sexual preferences, or so we are led to believe) died aged 91 earlier this week.

He was a homophobe. No doubting that. A story in the Advocate tells us:

His realm included Oral Roberts University, which in 2006 blocked its campus to youths participating in the Soulforce Equality Ride, who were visiting Christian colleges and universities in hopes of spreading a message of acceptance for LGBT people. Six Equality Riders and two other people were arrested in that incident. According to Soulforce, a university police officer said, “We love you all; do not come onto our campus.”

Roberts was very specific about what the male member was for (apart, we assume, for pissing), and that was to create life. We give you a YouTube video below in which he talks about how there’s just one orifice – not ten, not two, but one – that’s meant to take the male wang, and that . . .

But you’re ahead of me.

My mother always said we should speak only good of the dead. Oral Roberts is dead. Good!

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Stuart Hartill said...

If anyone thinks the death of Roberts means the end of OTT TV evangelism fundraising techniques you might find something Richard Bartholomew dug up on someonewith the unlikely name ofPastor Rod Parsely interesting.
It's at
- couldn't read it myself without wincing