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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas paedomouse

Following on from the Ann Summers story that we reported on earlier today, something else Christmas-y has caught our eye.

A “Made in China” novelty toy mouse dressed in a Santa hat has been withdrawn from sale in the UK by the company that distributes it, following claims that the filthy rodent sings the words “paedophile, paedophile”.

The Sun claims in its Mouse toy in “paedo” song ban story that one mother said, “When I squeezed its tummy I couldn’t believe my ears. I recognised the tune, but the words were certainly not traditional. Luckily my children are too young to understand.”

Apparently, the £2.99 toy is meant to sing “Jingle Bells” but, as reported in the Sun, according to a spokesman for the distributors, Humatt, of Ferndown, Dorset, the man providing the voice had been unable to pronounce certain sounds and the recording had become garbled after it was speeded up to make it high-pitched. He said, “We’ve slowed the song down and it definitely says ‘Jingle Bells’. But we have recalled them now just in case anybody might take offence.”

However, a number of the toy mice have been put up for sale as “Rude Singing Christmas Mouse” on the online auction site eBay, by the seller jewishcowboy2.0, who describes the toy as:

Genuine “Not so squeaky clean Mouse” as seen in the Sun Newspaper

This is your chance to be one of the few to own a genuine “paedophi**, paedophi**” singing christmas mouse. This 4inch plush soft toy warbles out the Chrismas classic “Jingle Bells” when squeezed.

However as reported in the Sun newspaper 07/12/09 the cheeky like mite sounds like it is singing something completely different indeed!

The “Not so squeaky clean Mouse” is fast becoming a cult classic toy for Christmas this year and is a perfect and hilarious stocking filler.

This product was recalled by the maker after complaints of a “distasteful nature” were made. I purchased the Mice direct in bulk and can therefore guarantee that I am the only seller of this Item on Ebay.

Thanks to the Guardian, you can decide for yourselves by clicking here to hear!

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