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Thursday, 10 December 2009

People’s comfort? Nah! Prayer is more important!

A call to prayer cannot be under any “circumstance or instances be equated to a sound or noise that is undesirable or nuisance”.

Oh, really?

Well, that’s the opinion of Muslims – but of course – in Kenya, where they’re being urged to ignore the Noise and Excessive Vibration Pollution (Control) Regulations, 2009.

According to this story, the regulations are meant to ensure the comfort of people in residential areas, a town’s central business district and quiet zones.

But the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, Alhaj Adan Wachu, says the Islamic call to prayer is usually transmitted through a loud speaker that is “controllable and unharmful to human health and environment”.

Who’s talking about harm? We’re talking about the freedom from having to hear amplified wailing in the streets five times a day.

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