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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Stuff and nonsense – oh, and a Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve and here’s wishing a Happy New Year to all readers and contributors to Pink Triangle.

We’ve been a bit quiet over the Christmas holidays, posting the occasional piece linking to articles in the latest issue of our sister publication, the online Gay & Lesbian Humanist.

Today I’m recommending a bit of stuff and nonsense to end the year. One of our occasional contributors, and one we hope to see more of, is Steven Dean, who brings his own cheeky, not to say outrageous, view to matters of the moment with startling naïveté.

He’s talking about television, and what a force for good it is (some of us might disagree).

“Typically,” he writes in a meticulously researched article worthy of an academic journal, “our viewing week will include a cookery show (perhaps Freaky Eaters), political debate (say Naked in Westminster), travel show (Sex Around the World is a must), financial programme (100 Percent Sex is far better than listening to the doom-and-gloom-laden [BBC economics correspondent] Robert Peston) and a relationship series (Snog Marry Avoid or Sex . . . with Mum & Dad are both excellent). We do know how to let our hair down, too, and always try to make time for a good talent show (Viva’s Pants Off, Dance Off is much better than the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing) or an old-fashioned drama (something with a good story to it, like Cock-Hungry Straight Boys).”

Well, that’s quite enough of that, but, if you really insist on reading the full article, you can find it by clicking here.

Click the logo above to get to the magazine’s cover, which has a great image that sums up the “God-damned” theme of this issue.

Hope you’ve had a great Christmas, everyone, and accept our best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

We’ll be getting back to a normal service from 4 January.

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