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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Shoplifting is OK, says priest

Tim Jones, a Church of England priest at St Lawrence and St Hilda in York, has said that shoplifting from large chain stores is OK. He said, “Let my words not be misrepresented as a simplistic call for people to shoplift. The observation that shoplifting is the best option that some people are left with is a grim indictment of who we are.

“Rather, this is a call for our society no longer to treat its most vulnerable people with indifference and contempt. Providing inadequate or clumsy social support is monumental, catastrophic folly.”

So, is it also OK to steal from wealthy churches like the Church of England and the Roman Catholic church?

1 comment:

Injun Trouble said...

The church knows of whence it speaks regarding 'shoplifting'....they've stolen the innocence of countless of youths over the centuries.