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Monday, 29 June 2009

Exorcism storm

The American teen who’s homosexuality was “exorcised” by swivel-eyed lunatic Christians has become quite a star.

The Christian think tank Ekklesia tells us that the video of the barbaric ritual – posted on YouTube and embedded in our original story last week – has caused quite a flurry of outrage, with many human-rights types and Christians appalled by it.

Robin McHaelin of True Colours, an advocacy group for young gay people, said she had come across a number of cases of adolescents being threatened with exorcism because of their sexuality.
She suggested that those who carried out such ceremonies on a young person were “killing his spirit”. She is planning to report the YouTube case to the local welfare authorities.

Here in Britain, Sharon Ferguson of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement said she’s frequently come across people who have been subjected to exorcism ceremonies in the UK.

“It [. . .] fills me with horror that this sort of thing is still going on,” she told Premier Radio, adding that it did “untold damage”.

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