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Thursday, 4 June 2009

What does biblical wisdom mean? It means no poofters!

What is the big issue for Christians in the UK local and Euro elections? Why, homosexuality, of course!

Millions go to the polls today to elect their Euro MPs and, in England, local councillors, and a rabidly bigoted group of pillocks called Christian Concern for Our Nation (CCFON) want us to vote for a Christian.

Why do they want us to vote for a Christian? Well, “Under this Government,” writes Andrea Minichiello Williams, one of this bunch of tossers, “every safeguard against the promotion of the practice of homosexuality to our children and more generally in society has been removed with the result that it is now Christians who face discrimination for defending the Biblical view on this subject.”

In Euro and local elections, “CCFON urges all our supporters to seek the Lord about where to place our vote and to exercise biblical wisdom in our choice of party.”

Now I know you’re allowed to put your party’s name on the ballot paper, but, strictly, elections are for candidates, not parties. However, that explains why CCFON are criticising Westminster politicians (who, more’s the pity, are not seeking election today) by asking us to vote a certain way (i.e. be careful which party we vote for) in Europe and local councils.

Anyway, that aside, this tells us without a doubt just what’s on Williams’s mind when she wants us to “seek the Lord”.

And what will the Lord say? No poofters! That’s what he’ll say. No poofters!

However, it’s hard to disagree with everything a perceived enemy says. That would be a very black-or-white, for-us-or-against-us way of thinking. And CCFON go on in their emailed bulletin, to which I’m signed up, to say:

[N]one of the political parties are willing to take a robust stand against extreme elements of Islam that seek to impose sharia law on society and so seriously infringe on [sic – she means either “impinge on” or “infringe”] the rights of women and those who wish to change their faith.

Just as you find yourself agreeing (while adding that sharia law would also be bad for gays, which doesn’t seem to bother CCFON, of course), you come across this, in the same paragraph:

While there is talk about the need for change none of the political parties are willing to embrace the root cause of our problem which is the rejection of our biblical heritage.

So is the fear of sharia law just a rejection of our biblical heritage, or are they genuinely pissed off with creeping Islamisation? Hard to tell. Still in the same paragraph, they then say, “Our leaders have forgotten that while righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to any people (Prov 14:34).”

So, in spite of her paragraphing it all together, I suspect we’ve moved off sharia and on to something called “sin”.

And Williams’s solution to the problem of “sin” is “voting for those who are standing on a platform of Christian values[,] which is what this nation and the whole of Europe so desperately needs, for without a vision the people perish (Prov 29:18).”

And with that vision, the freedom of lesbians and gays to express their natural sexuality in the way that is open to – and encouraged of – straights will be crushed under “biblical wisdom”, in spite of the fact that, in your view, Ms Williams, it must be your sky fairy who gave lesbians and gays that natural sexuality.

What a sick bunch of fuckwits these people are! It’s just as well few will be heeding her words.


Alexander said...

"...the freedom of lesbians and gays to express their natural sexuality..." Non-sense! Homosexuality is NOT a natural sexuality. It is something, which is increasingly becomes difficult to name. You understand me, dude.

I watched Andrea Williams recently giving a lecture with MPs and politicians, and have to admit that she was brilliant. Thousands would agree with me. To demonise this woman and her views is a clear action of foolishness, to put it mildly. Can you challenge her in a proper debate? I very much doubt. Can you write you narrow-minded articles? Oh yeah, you can and you do.

Stuart Hartill said...

If 'none of the political parties are willing to embrace the root cause of our problem which is the rejection of our biblical heritage' does that mean CCFON still haven't forgiven George Hargreaves of the Christian Party for 'So Macho'?
Stupid cults!

Diesel B said...

Alexander says: "It is something, which is increasingly becomes difficult to name. You understand me, dude?"

No, I don't understand you - and it's not just because of the crap Middle American English.

Homosexuality is NOT a choice, it is a natural variation of human sexuality present in all human beings and higher mammals, to a greater or lesser degree - scientific fact. Have you heard of Sigmund Freud, Alexander? Have you read any Havelock Ellis, Magnus Hirschfeld, or Michel Foucault? Can you actually read - without colouring in pictures of shepherds and donkeys?

The Bible is an ancient, incomplete and badly translated text written by primitive tribesmen in an obscure corner of the Mediterranean thousands of years ago. It's interesting, but it's interesting bollocks (in the final analysis). You're not supposed to take it seriously!

Homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is one of the few "natural" things modern humans still do! It's a lot more natural than watching television, driving a car, staring at a computer screen, or reading the Bible. It has been ever-present in humans, even from the time before we evolved into humans. It pre-dates the Bible and will exist long after all the Bibles in the world have rotted away, or been turned into something useful like toilet paper.

Stop fretting about other people's sex life and just enjoy your own, "dude".

Baal's Bum said...

Homosexuality is NOT a natural sexuality.
Fuck me has anyone told all the other species.
Where do these fools get these ideas from...Not the bible, if you ask me it actively promotes it apart from a couple of verses and dear Alexander try reading some other scriptures may I recommend the secret gospel of Thomas it tells of your alleged late great jc spending the night with a young man, unfortunately not included to save room for examples of hate rape and murder which seem so important to you god botherers.

Longster22 said...

No poofters!