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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shock, horror

Harriet Harman, the Leader of the Commons, is “shocked and horrified” that the British National Party (BNP) won two seats in the Euro election.

Now don’t get me wrong: I can understand why someone might feel shocked and horrified that odious people such as the BNP are gaining influence, but this woman is in no position to question any other party’s success.

What a prat! But I’m forgetting: she’s a politician, and there aren’t many of the honourable variety of that particular species around these days.

What makes me so intemperate in my assessment of this dim-witted remark is that she and her fellow third-raters helped to put the BNP there.

The BNP got two candidates into the European Parliament because NuLabour got a smaller proportion of the vote, not because the BNP got more actual votes. And why did NuLabour get a smaller proportion of the vote? Because they’ve proved themselves to be utter shysters, that’s why.

It wasn’t all NuLabour MPs who had their filthy, greasy hands in the till during the recent expenses scandal, but there were enough of them – including ministers – to justify little short of out-and-out hatred on the parts of the voting public.

And, although this wasn’t a Westminster election, people will punish or reward a party in the way they vote for a candidate.

So just why are you shocked and horrified, Ms Harman? You’ve brought this upon us. The BNP candidates were elected according to the law and the democratic process as it stands (you may think it has flaws, but it’s what we have, and all candidates were tested under it).

And it’s rich complaining about another party’s propensity for restricting freedoms, as you do by saying that the BNP’s “apartheid” constitution will be outlawed under new legislation, when your government managed to bring in 3,000 new laws – one for every day in office – in its first ten years.

But I’m forgetting, Ms Harman. You’re as big a bloody hypocrite as your cronies are.
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