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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sharia Law: Islamic Justice

Following on from a post made to this blog yesterday – Up to our necks in sharia – and The shame of sharia post today, this video may be of interest:

It features the front cover of the Autumn 2005 issue of Gay & Lesbian Humanist magazine.


Anonymous said...

It's a desert culture. They understand nothing but the loss of an arm, or death by stoning, primitive as they are.

They really haven't moved into the secular sphere yet. And it'll be a long time before they do.

Anonymous said...

the young boy whose arm was run over was not being punished for a crime. He was part of a "Maareke giry" or street magic act and allegedly performed the stunt for money (note the gentleman speaking into a microphone in image #1). The seventh and eighth pictures in the series, which appear to show the child shaken but otherwise unharmed after the ordeal, were omitted from the email flier but can still be viewed on (where all the images are attributed to photographer Siamak Yari).

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