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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Keep it to yourself

A very good argument for keeping your religious beliefs to yourself is given on the website in a letter – and its simplicity is entirely convincing.

The argument of the Deluded Herd goes that it’s not nice to try to repudiate others’ beliefs, just because you don’t share them.

Yet, says the letter from Alan R Pendragon of Leicester, every time a Muslim proclaims his faith, he’s denying the Christian her faith, because the Muslim does not believe Jesus held the same status Christians believe he did.

If a Christian proclaims her faith, she denies the Jew his faith, because she’s saying Jesus was the Annointed One, the one they had all been waiting for, while the Jew reckons that figure has yet to set foot on the earth.

Yet all these people are encouraged to flaunt their delusions in public (and we’ve seen what a sorry state it’s led to in places). If any of them is right, it can be only one. Which proves that the others are wrong. QED.

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