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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Let us not pray

A local council in England could be sued for having a talking-to-our-invisible-friend session before meetings.

In Cumbria, Kendal Town Council’s traditional prayer reading before meetings makes people feel excluded, according to Cllr Enda Farrell, who called for prayers to be scrapped or to be held in a different room, stressing that it was a matter of equality, and he’s threatening to take legal action.

“This council has to be seen to be acceptant of all people regardless of creed, colour or race,” he told councillors at a meeting last week.

But Cllr Graham Vincent argued that the council was a “Christian council” and he could see nothing wrong with the tradition.

And since when was any local authority in Britain a “Christian council”, you twozzock? Is your part of Cumbria some sort of theocracy?

It’s a council that may have some Christians on it. Even if it were entirely made up of Christians, that does not make it a Christian council, just a council entirely made up of Christians.

It always amuses me that, when someone wants God fans to abide by some rule or other, they cry foul, but God fans want to impose their ways on people who don’t give a monkey’s arsehole about their infantile chants.

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