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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Like a virgin

It looks like religion wants to trump real life again, with news that Catholics in Poland want to stop a Madonna show from going ahead.

It’s on 15 August and coincides, apparently, with some date they consider “holy”.

The “holy” feast is the Assumption of Mary. This is the reception of the so-called Virgin Mary bodily into heaven.

Madge, on the other hand, wants to provide some uplifting music for people who actually exist, on Earth, at this time, in this dimension, in reality.

Being the Catholic stronghold Poland is, the authorities will probably bow to the Catholics’ demand. Let’s hope not, eh?

Madge’s Stick & Sweet tour features her arrival onstage on a giant cross, and it’s already sparked controversy. In Rome last year, she mischievously dedicated the track “Like a Virgin” to Pope Ratzo, angering God fans.

But religionists have to get it into their deluded skulls that the figures they revere are from history, or are amalgams of characters from history, or didn’t exist in history, and that they’re there for anyone to parody, explore, dispute, poke fun at, analyse or, indeed, venerate.

Catholics have the option of not going to the concert and not watching it on TV – if it gets that far.

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