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Friday, 8 January 2010

Faith in lunacy

Once again we’re being asked to pay for our elected representatives to get the ear of God.

We’ve learned that the bewildered and superstitious John Denham, who has the title of communities secretary, is spending our taxes on appointing a coven 13 of “faith advisers”, who, he says, will be able to advise on climate change, the economy, parenting and achieving social justice.

Just the sort of things you expect “faith” types to be experts in, what?

While there may be those among them who have some interest and even expertise in each of these (though I doubt it), why the hell don’t the government go to those who are experts in their own right? If I want scientific advice, I go to a scientist. If I want parenting advice, I go to my mother.

And what sort of “social justice” would, say, a Catholic or Muslim bring to matters concerning sexuality?

While they're not being paid as such for their services, the taxpayer will obviously have to foot the bill for the machinery that brings them and Denham together and administers the meetings. Nothing comes free.

It won’t surprise you to know that Britain’s National Secular Society aren’t too chuffed about this development.

Terry Sanderson, president of the NSS, is quoted in the Pink News link above as saying, “Religious leaders are out of step with the way Britons live. Most people in this country disregard and are even repelled by religious teachings on divorce, contraception, abortion and homosexuality. Polls show they don’t agree with the churches on voluntary euthanasia and a range of other issues.

“The non-religious majority will regard the implication of Mr Denham’s plan that religious people have some sort of ‘values’ that are missing in everyone else’s lives as insulting and patronising.”

An interesting comment from a contributor called James appears on the Pink News story:

This move is disgusting, pathetic, stupid and transparent. If the government we elect can’t do the job we elect them to do without advice from insane idiots who believe in a fairy tale make believe story that isn’t true, that the majority of people in this country know not to be true, then we need a new government.

They should appoint economists to advise them on the economy – scientists to advice them on global warming – social workers to advise them on parenting – not psychotic morons who believe in an imaginary supreme being that tells them things (THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN HEAR) in their heads when they close their eyes and talk to the themselves (PRAYING). I studied theology for 4 years. It taught me one valuable lesson – god is a concept made up by humans(the masters) to control other humans(the slaves).

Well said, Jimbo!

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