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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thank you, God, for being a cruel bastard

It doesn’t matter what God does to people, no matter how arbitrary, no matter how painful, devastating and plain nasty, they continue to worship him, according to CNN.

“A lot of people who never prayed or believed – now they believe,” Cristina Bailey, a 24-year-old clerk, is quoted as saying.

In parks and backyards, anywhere a group gathers, the prayers of the Haitians can be heard. Last week, the call-and-response chanting and clapping that accompany those prayers pierced the darkness of night and the pre-dawn hours – sometimes as early as 4 a.m. The singing and praying was particularly intense in Champs de Mars plaza, where hundreds of people have taken refuge. But the scene was repeated throughout the city, with preachers on megaphones exhorting the faithful, who responded with lyrics like “O Lord, keep me close to you” and “Forgive me, Jesus.”

Many preachers are telling followers not to lose faith, that God remains with them regardless of what’s happened.

Some comfort!

Bailey is further quoted as saying, “People don’t blame Jesus for all these things. They have faith. They believe that Jesus saved them and are thankful for that.”

So thank you, Jesus for saving me. As for the tens of thousands who weren’t saved, well, um, er . . .

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Injun Trouble said...

Comedian, Jim Jeffries, made a joke about people never blaming God and saying instead, "He works in mysterious ways".
Jeffries says, 'So, if my wife comes home and I'm f-ing her sister, can I just say "Hey, I'm MYSTERIOUS!!"? lol