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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Googling Islam

Islam is . . . What? Bullshit? A lie? The best thing since sliced manna?

Well, if you type that phrase into the Google search box you’ll get nothing by way of suggestions in the dropdown list. However, if you type “Christianity is” or “Buddhism is” (or several other religions “is”), you’ll get dropdowns suggesting several things. “Bullshit” is one of them.

Others are – let’s stick with Christianity – “is a lie”, “is false”, “is almost dead”, “is not a religion”, “is a cult”, “is wrong” and a few more.

Read the story at

Google claim it’s a glitch and that they’re working to fix it – so try it quickly, just in case they realise they’ve been rumbled and do so.
UPDATE: I've just tried this link again at 09.34 GMT on Sunday, 10 January 2010. It’s  still not giving any dropdowns. Incompetence or conspiracy? Make up your own mind, but one thing Google engineers are not is incompetent on technical matters, and Google engineers are aware of the problem and have been for some time.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. It's pretty much ok to offend every group or religion Muslims or Islam.

Al'Lah is a very jealous god. But then that is just how Mohammed crafter his sidekick.

Sean said...

ISLAM...will dominate!!!