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Monday, 25 January 2010

Creepy Christians and the mysterious ways of God

Today, members of the UK's House of Lords will vote on how much control Churches should have over their employment practices.

In other words, churches who are employers may have to toe the line along with other employers, who come under employment law, and not discriminate against gays.

“If the Government get their way,” say the nutty, rabidly homophobic Christian Concern for Our Nation in an emailed “prayer alert” about the Equality Bill, “Churches will have far more difficulty in refusing to employ people who do not live lives consistent with the Bible’s teaching on sexual ethics. The current law is by no means ideal, but the Government’s proposals make the situation even worse by further restricting the freedom of Churches to organise their own affairs.”

They mean restricting the freedom of churches to sidestep employment law – legislation that other employers have to follow.

“Please pray”, they plead, “that this outrageous attempt by the Government to intrude into how Churches operate will be defeated.” They also want fellow headcases to pray that some amendments are accepted and to pray “that God will have mercy on this country and spare us from this terrible piece of legislation”.

OK, let’s say that all the nutty Christians pray. Let’s say the vote goes against them. Given that they believe God is behind everything, does that mean they’ll then accept that God knew what he was doing when he steered that vote, and will they then realise that they’ve been wrong to oppose equality laws?

Nope. Not a chance. God’s role in the unwanted outcome will be quietly forgotten.

That’s the way these psychos think – if you can grace what their brains do with such a word as think.

Some Church of England bishops are also getting twitchy about today’s vote, as you can see from this press release.

See also Simon Barrow’s take on this subject over at Ekklesia.

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