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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Rant of the day

Ready for a good laugh? Sit back and read this (or go here and listen). The following mindless rant is reproduced both on the Right Wing Watch blog linked to above and, where I was alerted to it, on Good Reason News (a blog, incidentally, that was featured in G&LH’s “Blogwatch” column in October last year).

It’s from one of the lunatic Christian Right in the USA, Pastor Stephen Anderson:

You want to know who the biggest hypocrite in the world is? The biggest hypocrite in the world is the person who believes in the death penalty for murderers and not for homosexuals. Hypocrite. The same God who instituted the death penalty for murderers is the same God who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals – sodomites, queers! That’s what it was instituted for, okay? That’s God, he hasn’t changed. Oh, God doesn’t feel that way in the New Testament . . . God never “felt” anything about it, he commanded it and said they should be taken out and killed.

You know why God wanted the sodomites in the Old Testament to be killed? You know why every good king of Israel, the Bible says they got rid of the sodomites in the land? You know, the good kings that came after the bad kings who had allowed the sodomites to infest their land, they had infiltrated . . . King Asa got the sodomites out of the land, Jehoshaphat exterminated the sodomites that were left from the days of his father, Asa. Why? Because the sodomites are infectious, that’s why. Because they’re not reproducers, that goes without saying, they’re recruiters.

How are they multiplying? Do you not see that they’re multiplying? Are you that blind? Have you noticed that there’s more than there were last year and the year before, and the year before that? How are they multiplying? They’re reproducing right? No, here’s a biology lesson: they’re not reproducers, they’re recruiters! And you know who they’re after? Your children. Remember you dropped off your kids last week? That’s who they’re after. You drop them off as some daycare, you drop them off as some school somewhere, you don’t know where they’re at. I’ll tell you where they’re at: they’re being recruited by the sodomites. They’re being molested by the sodomites. I can tell you so many stories about people that I know being molested and recruited by the sodomites.

They recruit through rape. They recruit through molestation. They recruit through violation. They are infecting our society. They are spreading their disease. It’s not a physical disease, it’s a sin disease , it’s a wicked, filthy sin disease and it’s spreading on a rampage. Can’t you see that it’s spreading on a rampage? I mean, can you not see that? Can you not see that it’s just exploding in growth? Why? Because each sodomite recruits far more than one other sodomite because his whole life is about recruiting other sodomites, his whole life is about violating and hurting people and molesting ’em.

So how many sodomites is one sodomite going to produce? A lot, and that’s why it’s just exploding. The only way to stop it, you say “how do we stop it?” . . . You want to know why sodomites are recruiting? Because they have no natural predators.

This, of course, is a libel against every gay person in the country, although you can’t claim libel as a disparate group. And the libel laws are different in the States. But you see where I’m coming from.

All gay people have been implicated in this bozo’s accusations, which are just plain lies, of course, as any sensible person knows, since molesters are more likely to be family members or close to the family, and just as likely to be straight.

Even if he’s ranting out of total sincerity, that suggests he believes what he’s saying. If he believes what he’s saying, where did he come by the information? My guess is that he knows he’s lying, but, like most Right-wing Christians, has a thing about homosexuality to the extent that you suspect he himself is gay and suppressing it.

Why else is it always ranked above murder, rape, arson, pillage and a hundred and one other heinous crimes? Because Right-wing Christians who have a thing about being gay have a skeleton in their closets that's making them feel very uncomfortable about themselves, whether they know it or not.


Wahoonie said...

anderson is quite a cutie.
i just wished he were as hard on heterosexual divorce, adultery and suchlike.
but why ask for death if it might hit yourself some day? ;P

Diesel B said...

In the UK this sort of hysterical rubbish would undoubtedly fall under hate-crime legislation, as it goes way beyond robust free speech (which humanists and freethinkers support, even when we dislike and disagree with what is being said), and is clearly criminal incitement to hatred and violence.

I'm sure many US citizens would like to rein in this kind of rabid religious ranting too, including President Obama, but their stupid out-of-date Constitution plus the powerful Christian lobby over there is too big a hurdle to overcome, it seems.