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Friday, 22 January 2010

Invisible Islam

Funny how Islam’s connection with violence is often conveniently forgotten.

We reported on the Fort Hood massacre in November 2009, referring to a New York Post article with the headline, Call this horror by its name: Islamist terror.

Now we learn from the Cafferty File blog that “The Pentagon report into the massacre at Fort Hood that left 13 dead is a joke. There is no mention of the suspect’s views of Islam. None.”

In fact [says the piece], the 86-page report doesn’t even once mention Major Nidal Hasan by name. It lumps in radical Islam with other fundamentalist religious beliefs . . . and instead focuses on things like military personnel policies and the emergency response to the Nov. shootings.

This despite the fact that Hasan made no secret of his radical Islamic faith. He allegedly proselytized to his fellow service members and spoke out against the wars the US military is waging in Muslim counties.

When will they ever learn?

If you want to read how, by various means, Islam is creeping up on us, you could do worse than read the stuff on Citizen Warrior, which is one of the “Further reading” links on our sidebar.