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Friday, 8 January 2010

It was God wot done it – again

Don’t you just love the way the Deluded Herd praise God when things go their way, but don’t believe it’s his doing when things don’t? Laugh? I nearly did.

First let’s get the crappiest intro in the world out of the way:

Yesterday, 7 January 2010 a Hearing was held at Macclesfield Town Hall for the Application for a Premises Licence Variation to “Lap Dancing – Full Strip” at the Repent Nightclub, 84B Mill Street, Macclesfield.

Yawn! That’ll get ’em reading.

Right, onward. In the emailed bulletin I’m referring to and quoting from (probably not yet on their website at the time of writing, because I can’t find it), the Christian Legal Centre – a bunch of homophobic tossers – are crowing about the turning-down of this application for a lap-dancing and strip joint, and end the bulletin thus:

An invisible army of prayer warriors also contributed to the success of this hearing. It was a team effort and an example of working together to produce an excellent result. We praise and thank God for this outcome.

“OK, chaps, we’ve advanced along the west flank. We’ve got the blighters surrounded. Hands at the ready. At my command, hands together and . . . pray! That’ll show the scoundrels!”

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