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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Wilders set to face trial

It looks as if Geert Wilders won’t get away without a trial for making his film Fitna – for exercising his claim to freedom of expression, in other words.

Jurist tells us that a Dutch court has ordered him to stand trial “for his video and printed statements against the Quran and Islam, dismissing a motion to drop or reduce the criminal charges”.

Last September, a district court in the Netherlands rejected a bid by the Dutch Islamic Federation to block Wilders’s statements, saying that his comments are protected by the right of free expression and do not constitute speech that incites hate or violence.

In the interests of showing you what the fuss is about, we’ve reproduced the link to the film below, and I daresay some other bloggers will be doing the same, proving that things get to a wider audience whenever someone wants to suppress them.

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