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Thursday, 21 January 2010

No breakfast for Bahati Boy

I find the very phrase “prayer breakfast” decidedly creepy. Even creepier was the fact that David “Bahati Boy” Bahati (pictured) was going to attend one that President Obama is throwing on 4 February.

But Pink News tells us that the homophobic bigot won’t be there. He’s been disinvited. (Is that a word?)

Bahati Boy is the Ugandan MP who wants to kill gays if they commit the “crime” of something called “aggravated homosexuality” or something.

Pink News says:

Bahati told a Ugandan newspaper last weekend he would be attending the February 4th event sponsored by the Fellowship – a secretive conservative Christian organisation which is also known as The Family

But National Prayer Breakfast spokesman Richard Swett confirmed that he would not be attending the breakfast.

He told blogger Warren Throckmorton: “The National Prayer Breakfast is an organisation that builds bridges of understanding between all peoples, religions and beliefs and has never advocated the sentiments expressed in Mr Bahati’s legislation.”

Fellowship sources said that Bahati had been invited to Washington DC as a volunteer, rather than to attend the breakfast. They said he was had declined the invitation, which was extended before he had introduced the bill in Uganda’s parliament.

Members of the Fellowship include politicians, religious leaders and corporate executives. It asks members not to publicly mention its existence and publishes no information about its activities.

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