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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Still Googling Islam . . .

I’m not going to obsess about this, but it’s more than a week now since I mentioned it, and nothing’s changed.

I refer to our previous post, “Googling Islam”, about typing “Islam is” into the Google search box and seeing what happens.

I’ll tell you what happens. Nothing happens. That’s what happens.

Do it with any other religion followed by the word “is” and you get dropdown suggestions based on either your own previous searches or popular ones of others.

But not with “Islam is”. Nada. Nil. Nix. Nothing. Zilch. (And that’s putting it in alphabetical order!)

The people at Google said they were aware of it and were trying to fix it. The people at Google are clever techie whizzes. The people at Google fix things. It doesn’t take the people at Google more than a week to sort out something like this.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this looks just a bit, a bit, a bit . . . Well, make up your own mind.

Right, that's it. I won’t mention it again, unless there’s a development. And then only if it’s worth mentioning.

UPDATE (19 January): Well, there now seems to be that development. Google is now doing dropdowns on this, so something has happened between 17 January, when this post was written, and now. Thanks to DavidMWW for pointing this out (see his comment in the comments section).


DavidMWW said...

I just tried it, and got 10 drop-downs:

Islam is...
a lie
the light
the best

Andy Armitage said...

Yup, I've just got ten, too. Seems to have changed since Sunday, when there was nothing, either in the Google toolbar (if you have one on your browser) or the main Google search box.

tina FCD said...

I tried typing Islam is....nothing, no drop down box. So I typed Christianity is....the first on the list was bullshit. :)