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Sunday, 10 May 2009

How good the gravy tastes when it’s to your own recipe!

I suspect not many MPs and ministers will listen to the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord (George) Carey, who’s laid into them today for, effectively if not in law, stealing from the taxpayer.

He’s told media that the UK Parliament’s moral authority has slumped to its “lowest ebb in living memory”.

Oddly, they’re willing to listen to leaders and former leaders of the Deluded Herd when it suits them, dishing out money right, left and centre for “faith” schools and continuing to allow advantageous tax status to religions just because they’re religions.

However, Carey – rather homophobic when he was in office, probably still so – is right to have a go. Given that he held a high rank within the terms of our unwritten constitution – whether we like it or not – he might as well take advantage of that platform.

MPs and ministers have, of course, been stealing. I use the word quite deliberately. They may well have all been “within the rules”, as they all claim, but who decides the rules? Why, MPs and ministers, of course!

The gravy train is nice, but it’s nicer still when you’ve built it to your own blueprint. A joy to ride, indeed! And our MPs and ministers have been fleecing the taxpayer something rotten.

And rotten is probably the word. They’re rotten to the core, and those who have not taken advantage of the expenses system are being tarred with the same brush as are the greedy bunch of acquisitive, avaricious, rapacious thieves who are running our country.

So all power to Carey’s elbow! I never thought I’d say that.

You can read perhaps the most comprehensive accounts of how our ethical, scrupulous, virtuous, decent and honest ministers and MPs have stuck “within the rules” to milk the expenses system at the expense of the taxpayer in the UK’s Telegraph. You can make a start here.

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