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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Breakaway bigotry

The Church of England could back conservative breakaway Anglicans in the USA after the Episcopalians there lifted a temporary ban on appointing gay bishops.

That, anyway, is the view expressed in a BBC news story by Canon Chris Sugden, a leader of the newly launched UK section of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA), which I blogged about a few days ago. Monday’s decision by the Episcopal Church to drop the ban was “extremely worrying and serious”, he tells the Beeb.

Oh, they really don’t like poofters, do they, these “confessing” Anglicans? Why don’t they just confess that they’re twats?

[Sugden] said it could increase support for a motion at the Church of England’s General Synod to declare fellowship with the breakaway Anglican Church of North America (ACNA).

The ACNA is a union of traditionalist groups which split from the Episcopal Church following the appointment of an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, in New Hampshire.

At the same time, Canon Sugden complains, advocates of a “gay agenda” in the Church are determined to keep pushing the issue.

This includes bringing Bishop Robinson to speak at the UK Church’s youth festival, Greenbelt, in August. “A number of us are very concerned about that,” he says.

Canon Sugden is the executive secretary of Anglican Mainstream, a body set up in 2003 to represent “orthodox” views in the Church following the appointment of Bishop Robinson and of the gay Canon Geoffrey John as Bishop of Reading – an appointment he later renounced [under pressure from the Archbishop of Cant, Rowan Williams].

Canon Sugden is also secretary of the organisers of the FCA in Britain and Ireland – which was launched at a 1,600-strong meeting in Westminster on 6 July.

Well, it would be no loss. The C of E is hardly gay-friendly, even though it’s stuffed to the gills with gay men.

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