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Monday, 20 July 2009

Pink religion, anyone?

There’s been talk lately about a special part of the police in the UK set up to accommodate yet another religion – this time pagans.

An interesting editorial in Pink News asks why gays shouldn’t set up their own religion, and get special holidays. Seems like a good idea.

What sticks in the craw, though, about this amusing article is that for some reason best known to themselves Pink News have put a disclaimer under it:

Just to be clear, this article is obviously a joke. It provides soome [sic] light relief to readers ahead of the weekend. The author is not mocking religion. It doesn't represent the views of

Is it not up to us, the readers, to decide whether the article is a joke or not? And what if the author were mocking religion? Would that mean Pink News would go all politically correct and refuse to use the article? This disclaimer suggests that it would.


Anonymous said...

I kind of like the idea of a gay religion. I'm trying to think of the major holidays.

Day of the Cock would be one of course, and so too day of the High, Tight Bubble Butt.

Stuart Hartill said...

As John Lennon might have sung..

Imagine pink religion,
I wonder if you can,
nothing to kill or die for
a brotherhood of (I was going to say man, but presumably lesbians would want something more inclusive,oh well..!)