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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Islam damned

Quite a damning analysis of Islam is made in Europe News under the headline The Silent Holocaust: Why Humanity Must Achieve Victory over Islam.  Here’s just a short extract:

Essentially, Islam is a set of beliefs and rules that militate against human prosperity, happiness, welfare, freedom, equality and knowledge. Islam and a full human life are contradictory concepts, opposed to each other. Islam under any kind of interpretation is and always has been a strong force against secularism, modernism, egalitarianism and women’s rights. Political Islam, however, is a political movement that has come to the fore against secular and progressive movements for liberation, and against cultural and intellectual advances. Violence and disregard for human dignity are inherent in the manifestos of political Islamic groups.

Strong stuff. And it doesn't let up any. It makes for compelling reading.


freefall said...

Great article. It is sad how many academics in the west are constantly defending a religion that is steeped in atrocities. Any criticism of the religion immediately leads to allegations of racism.

Religious people are constantly using their religion as a justification for passing horrible laws and committing horrible acts. Yet, they demand that the religion should be above criticism.

It is good to see more people come forward who have lived in the societies dominated by islam. Hopefully, more people on the left will see the religion for what it really is, and stop calling it a "religion of peace".

Anonymous said...

Islam's arrogant sense of entitlement is one of its most repulsive characteristics. Muslims believe that Allah has given them mastery and unearned ownership of the entire earth, and every person and thing on it.

This, more than any other factor, is why Muslims are such whingeing demanding spongers where they are in the minority, and so vicious and openly predatory in areas where they have become the majority.