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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Inclusivity, Christian style

More evidence, as if it were needed, of the way religion likes to think itself inclusive but is anything but comes to us in a report on the Ekklesia website.

A girl wanted to get into a Christian “faith” school in Wrexham, UK. But she was the wrong kind of Christian, so couldn’t.

It’s called the St Joseph's Catholic and Anglican School, but Aston Padley (11) is not from an Anglican or Catholic family.

“Under British law,” says Ekklesia, “church schools, although funded almost entirely by the taxpayer, can give priority in admissions to families who attend churches linked to the school.”

And there’s the rub. Funded by the taxpayer. By you and me. Education is a national institution. For better or worse, there’s also a national curriculum, which ensures that, broadly, each pupil in the country potentially leaves school with some familiarity with certain central areas of knowledge.

But Christians – and others of the Deluded Herd – don’t like that: they prefer that they can get kids nice and early and bombard their brains with utter crap (their own utter crap) till they go on and breed and then indoctrinate their own kids with more of the same kind of crap, thus adding fodder to their brand of “faith” school in the future.

And so it goes on.

Fortunately, a lot of pupils wash their hands (a biblical reference that fewer know the origin of these days, it seems) of this toxic nonsense and develop a degree of rationality, scepticism and thinking for themselves.
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