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Monday, 13 July 2009

Seeing things

The Freethinker tells us of “thousands of Irish Catholic eedjits [who] have flocked to a County Limerick church to pray at the stump of a recently cut willow tree”.

And why? Well, it “allegedly bears a resemblance to She Who Was Once Knocked Up by the Almighty”, that’s why.

So it’s a case of here we go again. Ever looked at a cloud and seen a shape you recognise, perhaps the face of someone you know? Chances are that, if you asked the person next to you what she saw in the same cloud, she’d say something totally different.

The brain wants to make sense of random swirls. Psychologists use an ink-blot test to see what the subject’s brain comes up with. We recently had Jesus’s face in the lid of a Marmite jar.

And the so-called Virgin Mary was seen in a griddle.

Now here’s a nice little video for you. I was waiting for an opportunity to use it. It’s worth a look – and a laugh.

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Hey, great post. Just wanted to throw in my two cents, I posted about this last week:

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