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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Crap journalism – again

It’s just amazing how the scum Daily Mail works, isn’t it? It does a story about Camp Quest, a summer camp (summer? what’s that?) in the UK that’s meant to encourage young people to think for themselves.

Any other camp that had this as one of its aims would be OK. If, one assumes, it had a religious element, or didn’t specifically say it didn’t. But this doesn’t have a religious element, and it does say that it doesn’t. When it says think for themselves it means think for themselves.

Given that, have a look at this Daily Mail article and see how it sets the camp up just to knock it down. You’d think that atheists were spawn of the Devil, sent here to destroy Earth and then repopulate it with their evil seed.

But, then, the Daily Mail is a scum paper.

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