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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Facebook pulls Causer pages

What is Facebook playing at? For some reason a group page concerning the murdered gay Liverpool (UK) hairdresser Michael Causer has been taken down. So far, no one seems to know why.

Here’s an email Pink Triangle (among others) has received from Matthew Fox of the Liverpool (UK) Charity and Voluntary Services:

Dear Colleagues,

Facebook remove Michael Causer group

Facebook have removed the Michael Causer group without warning and without giving any specific reason to the administrator, Michael’s cousin. The family are understandably devastated by this as the group includes many, many tributes to Michael posted by family and friends.

The group had 6892 members with over 900 messages and tributes relating to Michael’s life and death – all of which have been lost, removed by Facebook.

Individuals are free to complain to Facebook at this link:

or indeed by emailing:

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