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Friday, 31 July 2009

Secularists threaten the end of the world, shock, horror!

Here we go again. Evil secularists threaten the end of the world.

Christian Today tells us, “The future of freedom and equality of expression have come under threat from the dominance of ‘the religion of secularism’ in the public sphere, a new report from the Jubilee Centre warns.”

The report is called “Sustaining Democracy”, and in it the Christian think tank warns that secularism is jeopardising civil liberties and human rights, and claiming the privileges of religious judgement for itself to the exclusion of other religions.

“Democracies cannot shake off their Christian past without shaking off the liberties which flowed from it,” warns the report’s author Dr Philip Sampson.

Who’s asking you to shake off your Christian past? This secularist isn’t. History is history. All we ask is that Christians and Muzzies and others of the Deluded Herd stop having special privileges.

Christian Today continues, “He criticised the tendency of some secularists to disregard religious views as ‘ill-considered’ and ‘prejudiced’. ‘Where would this have left the abolitionists or the civil rights movement?’ he said.”

But we’re not talking about historical events – and, anyway, as these people never seem to realise, good people will do good things. If they do it as a band and call that band A, then A did it. Were all abolitionists Christians? I doubt it. People wanted to abolish the obscenity of slavery because it was just that – an obscenity.

And you’ll notice, old chap, that the civil-rights movement you speak of is often at loggerheads with pushy religionists.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here in the U.S. saying Secularist or Secular Humanist is a nice way of calling someone an atheist.

That's what these Christian bigots have in mind. Many Christians are just as bad as the Fundamentalist Muslims. They want to see the world ruled under Christianity.

I'm sorry but we tried that experiment in Europe and look how badly THAT went.