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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Jail for fanatics who wanted to dictate our reading habits

Religious fanatics have been jailed for an attack on the UK home of a publisher. His “crime”? He dared to want to publish a novel about Aisha, the child bride of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

Now, according to The Times, among others, three Islamic fundamentalists have been banged up “for an arson attack on a London publisher who planned to print an ‘offensive’ book about the Prophet Muhammad”.

The attack was on the home of Martin Rynja, and “has been compared to the campaign against the publication of Salmon Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses”.

You can see from the links below just what a fuss was made by these and other morons, who believe that historical figures don’t belong to all, and if we wish to write fiction based on them, draw cartoons of them, make sculptures of them or paint them, we should be allowed to do so.
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Sherry Jones said...

What a thoughtful post! Very insightful. We must all defend our right to explore ideas, to dissent, to voice out opinions, to imagine, to live freely. Thank you for speaking out. Silence is consent! Go to my website,, to find my views on free speech, human rights, women's rights, Islam, and more.

Sherry Jones