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Saturday, 9 May 2009

The art of political correctness

I suspect it’s the old PC gone mad again. A hospital in London has told artists who were encouraged to submit paintings for its walls that depictions of good old British churches are not allowed because they might offend people of other religions.

Jesus Christ on a stick!

The story’s been around for a few days, but I thought it was one worth sharing with you, in case you haven’t seen it. The Daily Mail is one of the papers that have it, as you would expect.

“In an unsolicited letter, Havering council in East London made it clear it would accept pictures of any subject – except churches,” says the Mail, which continues:

Many artists could not understand why images of Christian buildings were banned, but those of other religions were welcome.

Jo Delaney, the council’s arts development officer[,] wrote to art groups in Havering about hanging paintings in Queen’s Hospital, Romford.

She wrote: “Whilst the building is spacious, it has many plain black walls which are crying out to be brightened up!

“The matron of patient environment is keen for local artists to use the space as a gallery.

“The hospital has asked artists not to submit paintings of churches as they have to be mindful of all religious denominations.’

Just more kowtowing to the beliefs of non-indigenous religions. It’s bad enough when Christianity is appeased for no good reason, but at least it’s the established religion of this country, whether we nontheists and secularists like it or not. As a historical phenomenon, it’s part of our culture.

And churches are more than places for talking to invisible people: they’re often historical buildings. This hospital would not have, for instance, a painting of St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s totally pisspottical.

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