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Monday, 11 May 2009

More “religious discrimination” in the workplace!

Here’s another person who refuses to do his job because of some religious nonsense. If his religion (it’s the Religion of Peace™, of course, as you would expect) prevents Hasanali Khoja from doing the job of catering manager for the Metropolitan Police, why did he take it on in the first place?

Now he’s bleating about religious discrimination because he needs to handle pork products, according to a story in Scotland’s Herald newspaper.

The paper continues:

An informal agreement has been reached but Mr Khoja, who launched his claim last year, wants it to be formalised.

An employment tribunal in Watford will consider his claim in a hearing which is expected to last two weeks.

Mr Khoja, who has worked for the force since 2005, had previously worked at Hendon Police College in north west London, but was excused from touching pork products due to his religion.

As a senior catering manager, he does not cook on a regular basis, but is expected to handle food, his lawyer, Khalid Sofi, said.

Yes? And pork is not food? To carnivores is is. Within catering parlance it is. He’s a catering manager. So, as far as this whiner’s job is concerned, he’s paid to handle pork.

Given the way our country is forever appeasing encroaching Islam and its alien ways, he’ll probably win his case.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I weep for Europe. Time and again accommodation of the Muslim hoards has lead to abuses of rights on the part of the incumbent population.

We hear the stories from the UK and France all the time but what about Germany? I know there is a significant Muslim population there. But then it is Germany and I'm sure some of those Muslims have knowledge of the second greatest tragedy of the 20th century taking place there.

I call it the second greatest because Stalin upped the body count on his own by 20 million.