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Saturday, 9 May 2009

In favour of animal suffering

Europe’s food animals are going to have to continue to suffer because of religion, thanks to MEPs.

“Attempts to ban the production of kosher meat in the UK were dealt a major blow this week after the European Parliament voted in favour of declaring shechita a legitimate form of animal slaughter,” gloats the website.

Shechita, like Muslims’ halal, is a means of killing by hauling the terrified animal up and slitting its throat while it is conscious and can see its life literally flowing away; under conventional slaughter arrangements, the animal has to be stunned before the throat is cut, thus rendering it insensible.

In 2003, Britain’s Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) decided this type of slaughter was unacceptable. To please the superstition lobby, our politically correct bunch of toadying NuLabour appeasers decided to ignore FAWC’s recommendations in favour of more suffering for the animal. (I suspect a Tory or other hue of government would do the same, since they’re politicians, after all.)

The story says that, “in the wake of scientific evidence from lobby group Shechita in March 2005, the government acknowledged the method of slaughter was humane”.

This evidence was impartial? It was from a lobby group, for goodness’ sake! A lobby group called Shechita!

That makes it highly suspicious from the start, since, whoever actually carried out whatever investigation was done, Shechita was never going to submit a report that would suggest animal suffering actually existed in this brutal method of slaughter, was it?

Can you imagine religionists such as crazy Orthodox Jews or “devout” Muslims actually admitting they’re wrong about something, and changing their practices?

No? Didn’t think so.

FAWC, on the other hand, has no religious affiliation. It conducted a scientific investigation, paid for by taxpayers, which the government ignored. No doubt ministers had their eyes on votes and political correctness, as usual.

A spokesman for Shechita UK, Shimon Cohen, is quoted as having told Jewish News, “This is a helpful reinforcement. It won’t stop other groups from putting forward their views, but we’re used to that.

“But the British government, which has always been so helpful in protecting these rights [my emphasis] in the past, will be bound by this decision in the future to continue that protection.”

And for halal slaughter, too, of course.

But “rights”? When did you get the “right” to kill an animal in an unnacceptable and cruel manner, you religion-soaked nutcase? It’s a privilege – a privilege granted at the cost of better care of the animal.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
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Richard T said...

Just as a balancing note, don't forget that many came to fascism and nazism through opposition to jewish ritual slaughter which grew into anti-semiticism.

Anonymous said...

Of course you are entitled to your view but you must be accurate. In Kosher slaughter the animal is not "hauled up" but enters into an RSPCA/Farm Animal Welfare Council approved pen. Also, the "right" of Jews to slaughter animals for their food in the age old humane way, is a "right" enshrined in English Law.

quedula said...

If Anonymous thinks Kosher slaughter is "humane" he should ask himself if he as a human animal would choose that way to exit life.