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Saturday, 30 May 2009

A kiss not to miss

Uh, oh! The BBC are sorely testing the Religion of Peace™.

According to Pink News, it’s going to show another gay kiss in its nightly soap, EastEnders. Shock, horror!

But this time – double shock, horror! – it’s going to be a gay Muslim.

Omigod! Prepare for the streets of London to be marched through with radical idiots wanting to behead BBC producers.

“New character Syed Masood, a Muslim property developer who has a girlfriend, is to fall for openly gay Christian Clarke,” the online sources tells us. That’s a character called Christian Clarke, not a Christian called Clarke. (I had to look it up!) Oh, and Syed Masood is quite a dish. Pink News carries a pic.

It’s bad enough when a gay kiss gets Christian bigots going. But getting bigoted Muslims going is going to be – well, it’s enough to make me want to start watching EastEnders.

As you would expect, Muslims are against it. “[T]he Muslim Public Affairs Committee say that the BBC should have a ‘normal friendly Muslim character’,” says Pink News. Whatever “normal” is! And are gay people by default not friendly?

It just goes to show what sort of world these crazy Islamic tosspots are living in.

Asghar Bokhari of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee has said, “The Muslim community deserves a character that represents them to the wider public because Islamophobia is so great right now.”

Is it any wonder when the “Muslim community” is so homophobic, demanding and whining? Put “Islam” into our search box at the top of this page, and see how many stories this blog alone has carried about how Muslims love to demand special treatment because they don’t like the culture they choose to live in.

This is just the latest. And, if they wanted to try to refute my accusation of homophobia, why should it matter whether a featured Muslim character is gay or straight? If it matters, then the “Muslim community” are homophobic.

They can’t have it both ways.

The Beeb got 150 complaints last year when there was gay kiss – from people who think it’s OK to show a man and a woman snogging each other rotten before the 9 p.m. watershed, but not a kiss between two people of the same sex.

Well, I’m sure I don’t need to tell readers of this blog how ridiculous that attitude is.

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