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Friday, 8 May 2009

Head case

Oh, dear! Yet another scheme for wasting taxpayers’ dosh in order to appease the Deluded Herd.

Scientists, we’re told in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, are developing bulletproof turbans so that Sikhs can work as certain kinds of cop.

“Sikhs are currently barred from becoming firearms or riot police because their religion does not allow them to remove their turbans to put on protective headgear,” says the Telegraph.

“I think there needs to be a recognition from the Home Office that would allow Sikh officers to carry out these roles,” bleats Inspector Gian Singh Chahal, of Kent Police, who is also and vice-chair of the British Police Sikh Association.

No, Mr Chahal, there doesn’t. You can carry out the roles if you wear the proper headgear. Why should there be more money spent making Kevlar head rags just to satisfy some superstition?

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Stuart Hartill said...

I did read somewhere there's been a bit of a coup in Sikh community groups - something to do with a new militant crowd packing out the AGMs of respectable groups that used to be dominated by older folk - so suspect there's a bit of that going on here.
But I'd have thought the obvious question in response to this is 'what do Sikhs in the British Army do?'
Come to think of it, there's loads of them in the Indian Army,what do they do?
I've seen Sikh veterans at Armistice Day parades and, brave as they must have been, I can't believe they all went through World War Two without tin hats!