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Friday, 29 May 2009

Love it or hate it? I hate it!

Oh, God! Not another one!

Faces of Jesus and Mary crop up all over the place – as if anyone had any idea at all what either of these historical characters (if, indeed, they existed) looked like.

This time it’s in South Wales, and it’s in the lid of a jar of Marmite.

Can you see the face of Jesus in that sticky mess? Well, you can make out just about anything you like, really.

And this picture by Wales News Service appears in a story in the broadsheet Telegraph, supposedly a paper intelligent, thinking people read. This is the paper that will win awards very soon for its protracted campaign on thieving MPs and their immoral expenses claims.

Well, it must be a light news day if this is counted as a story. Of course stuff such as Marmite – the salty, yeasty spread with the “Love it or hate it” marketing slogan – is going to form shapes when it’s been in contact with a surface.

And of course people will look at those shapes and see things. It happens all the time: with clouds, ink blots. Remember our recent story about the so-called Virgin Mary, whose “image” was found (or manufactured) on a griddle?

I expect this sort of “story” in the Sun or the Daily Mirror, but not in the Telegraph.

1 comment:

Diesel B said...

Oh leave it out! Any viscous substance that dribbles a bit is going to vaguely resemble some long-haired drongo in need of a visit to the barber's shop!

I recently visited Scarborough and was struck by how much some seagull shit on a window pane resembled the holy mother and child!

But who's to say it's Jesus anyway? Maybe it's Billy Connolly, or Demis Roussos - or, gasp! - Kurt Cobain, the late lead singer of grunge-band Nirvana!

Or maybe it's just a viscous splodge of crap that's dribbled a bit.