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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Don’t you just love these religionist scumbags!

Here we go again: religionists wanting to defy the law on the grounds of – well, being religionists.

A headline in the UK’s Telegraph bleats that “Law will ‘force churches to employ gay staff’ ”

Oh, dear! The world will surely fall in. God will send out the lightning bolts of his wrath. He will send another deluge that even a latter-day Noah, with the ability to cram two of every species on Planet Earth onto a wooden boat, cannot defy.

What’s happened, in a nutshell, is this: “Religious groups are to be forced to accept homosexual youth workers, secretaries and other staff, even if their faith holds same-sex relationships to be sinful.”

Just those in relationships, then? I doubt that, somehow – not that it should matter whether a gay person is in a relationship or not.

“Christian organisations fear that the tightened legislation, which is due to come into force next year, will undermine the integrity of churches and dilute their moral message.”

So let’s try this for a bit of logical thinking. The churches have a moral message. They have a moral message because they consider themselves to be moral. They preach a moral message.

OK so far?

Right, they must, therefore, believe that all people and organisations should conduct their affairs by this same moral message.

Ergo no one will ever be employed if he or she is homosexual and gives vent to the natural sexual urge and happens to mention it. The alternative is to remain in the closet for life.

This is the absurdity of nutjobs such as the Christian Institute, a near-fascist (when it comes to sexuality) organisation cited in the Telegraph story.

A spokesman for the Christian Institute, a religious charity, said that many churchgoers [we’re not told how many, or even whether or how he knows] had deep concerns about how the bill would be enforced and accused politicians of hypocrisy.

“It would be absurd to pass a law demanding that the Labour Party employ card-carrying Conservative members, but that is effectively what churches are being told to do. We just want the same exceptions as political parties,” he said.

Prat! Of course it isn’t. The question of Conservative versus Labour (not that there’s much difference these days) is political; employing gays (one of many minorities) is not. While a gay person in a position of authority could influence the organisation he or she is working for, so could anyone who wants to bring influence to bear, for whatever reason, driven by whatever agenda.

This is naked bigotry. It’s just hate. There are a lot of Christians who simply would not recognise it as what being human is all about. Let’s continue:

“Christians are sick to the back teeth of equality and diversity laws that put them to the back of the queue. We are quite prepared to accept that people will take a different view to use on moral and ethical questions, but that should not mean we have to withdraw from public life.”

The back of which queue, you snivelling snotbag? Just which queue in this country that bends over backwards to accommodate your ridiculous beliefs are you at the back of?

And who is asking you to withdraw from public life? It might be a relief to many if you did, you prat, but there would be no need for that.

You’d just be expected to act like a decent human being instead of like a knuckle-dragging fascist.

There’s a Catholic spokesman – they’re just as crazy, of course – against it, too, and a Church of England spokesman has reservations.

I sometimes wish there were a God. He, she or it would surely smite down these waste-of-space morons.

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