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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Is the priesthood a gay vocation?

Now here’s an interesting question. If a Catholic priest, sworn to celibacy, decides he needs a bit of rumpy-pumpy, does it matter whether it’s with a man or a woman?

Surely, it shouldn’t matter either way. He’s sinned, and that’s that.

It’s being discussed in USA Today’s “Faith and Reason” section.

Indeed, it’s being posited whether the Catholic priesthood is a predominantly gay vocation. Chances are that it is, along with Anglicanism. If gays are not in a majority, they’re certainly well represented, and I did hear it said recently, but forget where, that, were it not for the gay men in the Anglican priesthood, the whole edifice would fall apart.


Anonymous said...

I think you posted it about the former Archbishop who tried to rid seminary of gay men and then found out that if he did so they'd lose 70% of the people in seminary.

Think about that for a moment, it would mean that 7/10 or a full 70% of the priesthood is gay.

Anonymous said...

Priesthood is not a "gay" vocation-if you were to really study the guys who were great priests (Pope John Paul II, Francis of Assisi, Dominic, John Vianney, Louis de Montfort, the list is VERY long), you would see that they are the manliest, most straight people to ever exist! Instead of marrying a woman, they marry the Church and is faithful to Her with his life. Before you make a conclusion about priesthood, please research a little more than what the media has to feed you.