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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Muslims’ zero tolerance

A poll suggests that British Muslims have zilch tolerance for gay sex.

Pink News tells us of a Gallup poll that “found that not one of the 1,001 British Muslims interviewed believed homosexual acts were morally acceptable”.

Germany’s and France’s Muslim populations are more tolerant:

In comparison to British Muslims, 35 per cent of French Muslims and 19 per cent of German Muslims did not have moral objections to homosexual acts.

That still leaves 65 per cent of French Muslims and 81 per cent of German Muslims who do have such objections. And those proportions are high.

Christians are far more tolerant, it seems, and fall into line with the general public:

Fifty-eight per cent of the general British public said they thought homosexuality was not morally wrong, compared with 68 per cent of Germans.

French respondents were the most liberal, with 78 per cent of the general public saying it was not morally wrong. According to the survey, the opinions of Christians differed little from the views of the general public.

The survey’s authors are quoted in Pink News as concluding:

Some researchers point out that the greatest differences between Muslims and westerners lie more in eros than demos. In other words, the Muslim–west gap rests on differences in attitudes toward sexual liberalisation and gender issues rather than democracy and governance.

This theory implies that the west speaks with one voice on issues of morals, tolerance, and sexual freedom. Furthermore, this line of argument contends that this unified system of western values represents the logical progression in all civilized, modern societies and Muslims are expected to embrace such liberal views, if they are to live in the west.

That’s right, yes. Nothing wrong with that. If they don’t like the way the West runs its affairs in terms of sexuality, they can go somewhere that is less accommodating. There are plenty of Muslim theocracies and near-theocracies, if that way of life suits them better.

Yes, leaving is easier said than done. Which leaves them with one option: some people are gay – including Muslims; get used to it!

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