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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Gay supporters are like Nazi supporters, says halfwit

A Scottish God botherer seems to be comparing supporters of homosexuality to the Vichy government of World War Two.

According to Pink News, the Rev. Ian Watson “compared the failure of the French Army to stand up to the Nazi annexation of the Rhineland in 1938 to the current battle in the Scottish Church between supporters and opponents of Rev. Scott Rennie”.

Rennie, as we blogged last month, has been backed overwhelmingly by the congregation of Queen’s Cross Aberdeen to be their minister. But the usual suspects don’t want that.

Have a gander at what this prat said in a sermon he delivered at Kirkmuirhill Church in Lanark, as quoted by Pink News. “[Hitler] guessed correctly that the French had no stomach for a fight. If only they had, then the tragedy of a Second World War might have been avoided.

“To claim that the homosexual lifestyle is worthy of a child of God; to demand that a same-sex partnership be recognised as on a footing with marriage; to commend such a lifestyle to others is to deny that Jesus Christ is our only Sovereign and Lord. It is to turn the grace of God into a licence for immorality.”

Well, actually, you berk, most of us do deny that Jesus is our only Sovereign and Lord. We’re agreeing on something there.

This moron continues, “Such people will not inherit the kingdom of God. And therefore they must be resisted [. . .] Let me assure you, neither I nor like-minded minsters enjoy conflict [. . .] But have we learned nothing from history?

“Remember Hitler and the retaking of the Rhineland. He got away with it. No one stopped him. So next it was Austria, then Czechoslovakia, and then Poland and only then world war.”

So the corollary of what you’re saying is that appeasers of homosexuality are just like the appeasers of Nazi Germany.

What a plonker! It’s just as well that most people listening to you and reading your words will think you’re an arsehole who can’t be believed.

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Stuart Hartill said...

By the funniest coincidence, according to my relatives over there, dedicated local nurses and teachers are losing their jobs in East European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic due to an invasion of Western right wing evangelical 'charities', who do deals with corrupt local politicians to take over public sector services.