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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Copulation without population

Some of the world’s richest people have been discussing how to improve things.

One thing that’s exercising them is the size of the population, and the planet’s ability to sustain it.

In my humble opinion, one way of doing that is to force the Catholic Church to reverse its ridiculous ideas on birth control. It influences millions of people worldwide, and, while a lot of Catholics stick two fingers up to the Vatican’s views on birth control, many more go along with them.

How “educated” cardinals and a pope can honestly believe their sky fairy wants this planet to continue to groan under the weight of a population that’s set to peak at more than 9 billion, goodness only knows.

When their god told people to “go forth and multiply” it was a time when Earth had a very small population, and most of the planet was not even within the consciousnesses of the people who, for political and survival reasons, made that up and told their people that God had said it.

It’s time the Catholic Church felt enormous political pressure to tell its people to stop breeding in such large numbers, to use condoms or whatever family planning is available.

That is not a plea for abortion. That, too, has its place, but shouldn’t be used willy-nilly as a means of contraception.

No, it’s a plea for sanity and for Catholic leaders to stop using their unfair, ridiculously excessive influence to hurt those who would rather see a planet capable of sustaining its population, rather than one that’s going to be crushed by it as more and more chase less and less, leading to all kinds of unrest.

But don’t hold your breath. They’re Catholic leaders, after all. Read “morons”.

Governments should also use fiscal measures to encourage people to have fewer children. They should then tell any religious objectors to go and stuff themselves.

But they won’t. They’re so afraid of the religious, whether it’s out of a sense that religion is somehow “good” by default or a recognition that there are a lot of votes there. However, if all political parties agreed that this was something that was urgently needed, there would be no religious votes for one party over another.

It takes imagination, political will and balls.

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