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Friday, 2 May 2008

Appeasing Muslims damages communities, says Muslim

Even some Muslims can see the nonsense of constantly kowtowing to Muslims, it seems. A group called British Muslims for Secular Democracy says through its chair and co-founder, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, that pandering to British Muslims is just fuelling their separation from the rest of society.

She was speaking before the launch of the new organisation, attended by Pakistani-born Baroness (Kishwer) Faulkner and former Islamist Ed Husain.

"The government has found a way of placating Muslims in a way that will only damage us in the long term, Muslims wanting separate schools or different measures," she's quoted as saying in this Guardian story. "There must be one law for all. This differential accommodation leads to [our] being pushed to the edges. How is it that the Sikhs and Hindus can live in democracy but not Muslims?"

She goes on, "The perception is that Muslims receive a disproportionate amount of attention and funding and that perception is justified [my emphasis]. This ridiculous, distorted, exaggerated single identity has made us no friends."

It remains to be seen whether such a statement from more enlightened Muslims and former Muslims will influence the rest, whether in the UK or throughout the world, and lead to more integreated communities. But, while Muslims the world over constantly bleat for special treatment, and while they want special concessions in this country (among the latest being even for Muslim prisoners) I'm not holding my breath.

(See more on this launch at New Humanist.)

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