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Monday, 26 May 2008

Jesus, Mohammed, God, Allah – for entertainment only

"Fortune-tellers, astrologers and mediums are among those affected by the rules, which require them to say their services are for 'entertainment only'." Thus says the BBC story on new measures that have come into force today requiring business to deal fairly. (What, you mean business doesn't play fair already? Get away!)

While this affects all kinds of businesses, be they rogue traders, tradespeople with feet inside doors or bogus closing-down sales, it's the New Age stuff that interests me. You see, if you're peddling fortune-telling or astrology, you have to have a sign saying this is for entertainment only.

The story talks of "a duty for companies not to trade unfairly and to avoid misleading statements or omissions" (my emphasis). Well, I guess you're ahead of me. What about the statement that "Jesus saves" and many similar statements that offer salvation? Will churches' claims and other religious nonsense be included, given that churches have collections and contrive other ways of asking for your dosh? You bet your sweet arse they won't.

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